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Justice and Home Affairs Council calls for a strong coordinated action to prevent and address radicalisation

Justice and Home Affairs (JHA) Council Meeting of 12-13 October 2017 adopted Conclusions on the Mid-term review of the Renewed EU Internal Security Strategy (ISS) 2015-2020.
In this document, the Council calls for a comprehensive response in the area of counter terrorism combining an enhanced criminal framework with measures of prevention of radicalisation and more efficient exchange of information on terrorism offences.
Among the priority areas deserving a strong-coordinated action in the fight against terrorism, the Council includes:

  • Addresssing the issues raised by radicalisation, including on-line,
  • Further strengthening the linkages between internal and external security policies to make progress towards the implementation of the Global Strategy and an effective and genuine Security Union in particular by reinforcing cooperation with third countries, especially Western Balkans, Turkey, MENA region and Eastern Partnership countries, on shared security concerns and improving information sharing with those countries. This cooperation would encompass counter terrorism and the prevention of the spread of violent extremism and radicalisation (…).

The abovementioned Council Conclusions are available here.